Recognized Traders in the Tobacco Industry

Arseliano has established direct relationships with reputable tobacco growers ensuring long-standing cooperation and the ability to deliver with high-quality tobacco.

Raw Tobacco

Our clients enjoy the excellence of harvests of raw tobacco of specific blends and leaf grades carefully selected to preserve their unique flavour, aroma and delicate character.
Raw Tobacco
Processed Tobacco

Processed Tobacco

Raw tobacco leaves are processed by air-curing in on-site treatment facilities. Being a natural curing process, air-curing is the longest, though the most fruitful method of tobacco processing, since it results in low-sugar, slightly sweet-flavour tobacco rich in aroma and with higher level of nicotine.

When being processed, tobacco is hung in well-ventilated barns for six to eight weeks. During this time, persistent control management over the facility conditions has to be carried out, ensuring proper temperature and moisture levels in order to prevent mold and rotting. At this stage, additional heating sources can be engaged to regulate the processing environment.

When the curing process is complete, tobacco is taken down and stripped into three stalk positions (lug, second and leaf). Each stalk position is then segregated for proper storing and exporting.

About Arseliano Trading

Arseliano Trading is a recognized trader on the tobacco industry market. With over 5 years of operation, Arseliano has established direct relationships with reputable tobacco growers ensuring long-standing cooperation and ability to deliver with high quality tobacco as well as stability in services and uninterrupted supply.

Arseliano’s multinational team enjoys an in-depth expertise in tobacco growing, processing, storing and transportation which enables to safeguard the high standard of tobacco products it trades. By sourcing directly from tobacco growers, our seasoned experts pair orders of our clients with the crops-in-progress beforehand, hence, securing the characteristics and quantities of our customers’ requests.

Arseliano operates with an uncompromising commitment to our corporate values. We undertake the responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent, ethical and inclusive manner, recognizing and extending our obligations to the various stakeholders.

Our Services

Tobacco Trading

Arseliano specializes in trading raw and processed tobacco products. The raw tobacco leaves are sourced directly from the local suppliers and can be processed through Arseliano partners’ tobacco treatment facilities which allow us to ensure that we provide our clients and partners with the highest quality tobacco products. 

Arseliano has a comprehensive approach: trading activity is complemented with the storage and logistics services, encompassing all the needs of our clientele.

Tobacco Trading
Tobacco Storage

Tobacco Storage

Storing of tobacco is essential and contributes to the quality of the tobacco as much as the cultivation and treatment. The processed tobacco can easily regain moisture from the surrounding environment, thus, moisture control and humidity management must be in place.

Our warehouses are designed with concern to tobacco’s sensitivity, and in a way to preserve the characteristics and quality of raw and processed leaves. Advised by our experienced process engineers and fortified by reliable methodology, we maintain high standards of control of the products stored in our facilities.

Logistics for Tobacco

Our direct day-to-day communication with tobacco growers enabled us to build an extended network of tobacco distribution channels. Our distribution and logistics team provides individual solutions to address in the most efficient way the supplies of our products without compromising the required conditions for the product transportation.

Whilst focused on tobacco quality, we carry out trading in compliance with applicable regulations on international trade, ensuring smooth deliveries to our partners.

Tobacco Logistics


Exporting and importing is an essential part of Arseliano’s day-to-day operation. A solid Trade Compliance Policy incorporated by Arseliano ensures that our trading activity is coherent with local and international regulation, goods are correctly classified, origin and valuation of tobacco is accurately declared and appropriate duties and taxes are paid. Our distribution and logistics team in cooperation with our legal department are constantly updating the Trade Compliance Policy to maintain it cognizant of new and changing regulations, and thus, carry out trading continuously and securing our strong position in the competitive tobacco trading market.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Arseliano prides itself on its sustainable and ethical business practices. Having developed consistent systems and procedures for monitoring the environmental impact and engagement with local communities, we ensure that the crops production, collection, processing and transportation are conducted in compliance with local and international regulations on human rights and environment protection. We focus on the following Corporate Social Responsibility objectives:


– Minimization of the environmental impact of our products and activities associated with our business and preservation of biodiversity of tobacco-growing regions.

– Efficiency in water and energy usage by consistent monitoring and enhancement of sustainability of crop production.

– Ensuring a safe system of work and fair labour practices of staff involved in the growing and processing of the tobacco.

– Elimination of child labour and ensuring that no children are exploited across the areas of our operation.

– Inclusivity and elimination of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, or political affiliation.

– Encouraging and assisting local communities in vocational training of staff and technological improvement of tobacco cultivation and processing.


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